Capturing the Affections of the Media

A recent article in Forbes by Peter Himler, “The Journalist and the PR Pro: A Broken Marriage” caught my eye, given that I am a PR consultant and former journalist. Most of his piece focused on the challenges that PR executives face when trying to pitch journalists, who are increasingly overworked and under pressure in today’s fragmented media landscape. However, the paragraph below shines a light on why some PR pros succeed in this increasingly tough environment:

The relative number of these trustworthy and reliable PR pros may have dwindled in recent years, but I assure you that time and information-strapped reporters and TV producers still appreciate the value offered by responsive PR pros who “get it.”

In fact, as much as has changed in building a client’s “media” presence, the discipline of “earned media,” as it has become known, is alive and well and still drives the fortunes of the vast majority of PR organizations. Call it what you will – media relations, publicity, influencer engagement, story pitching – the task of capturing the affections of beleaguered journalists thrives.

This is true. As a former journalist, I valued PR executives who came to me with newsworthy stories. I developed relationships with them, and they became trusted resources upon whom I relied. Himler’s following sentence is particularly compelling: “the task of capturing the affections of beleaguered journalists thrives.”  The word “affection” is apt, as it underscores the symbiotic relationship that PR pros and their close media contacts have. After all, journalists, like all of us, will always appreciate hearing a good story from someone who knows how to tell it.